The Important Values Implemented in Global Sevilla as an International School Jakarta

The Important Values Implemented in Global Sevilla as an International School Jakarta


Children can get knowledge from various resources, including school. These days, a lot of schools in Jakarta have international standards. One of them with the best quality is Global Sevilla. Global Sevilla is one of the international schools in Jakarta that not only focuses on developing the students’ academics but also other important aspects through these essential values.

Global Sevilla’s Values

1. Giving to Generate Happiness

The first value that is always implemented by Global Sevilla as an international school Jakarta with good quality is giving. Giving means Global Sevilla has a purpose to teach its students to be generous and helpful people. Also, the students will be shown through this value that nothing is difficult to make a positive difference and impact.

Giving is an important value to teach to the student. Also, the implementation of giving is through simple things that can be easily understood by the students. This is meant to show the student indirectly that even doing a little and simple act can generate happiness for themselves and others.

2. Self-Control to Overcome the Problems

Another important value taught in this international school Jakarta is self-control. In self-control, the students will learn how to control themselves. It includes their behavior, habits, mind, and emotion while facing the challenges. This is important because students will know how to cope the problems, either from others or themselves using their logic.

3. Compassion to Help People

To build the feeling of desire to help others from trouble, compassion is implemented in this international school Jakarta. Here, compassion is applied to teach the students how to be kind and genuine people. Students will learn that helping people is a great action and not limited by anything. Students will learn to help without discriminating against the people.

Helping people should not see who the person is. Students will learn that no matter what their race, ethnicity, religion, economic status, and social background, if that person is in trouble, the student has to be able to help. As an international school in Jakarta, Global Sevilla always emphasizes to the students that every person is precious and worthy. There are lots of good things implemented in this school that has international standard. Moreover, Global Sevilla also helps the students not experts in academics only, but also to develop their character and their interests through the school values and numerous extracurriculars provided by Global Sevilla. If you are looking for an international school Jakarta, the only right answer is Global Sevilla.