Tips To Launch Your Own Gaming Merch Line

Tips To Launch Your Own Gaming Merch Line


Having your own line of gaming merch is something many streamers dream to achieve and it’s actually not as complicated as it may appear. Many A-Lister gaming streamers have not only their own merchandise but also their own websites where you can select and buy your favorite garment with their logo or special design.

The thing is, you don’t even need to go that fancy if you want to produce your own merch, here we give you five simple tips for you to step up your game as a rising star in the streaming community with a cool merch line of your own.

No, I’m not actually talking about a clothing brand, but your personal brand as a gaming streamer. This might be quite obvious for some, but for some others, it might be the first time really questioning “what’s my brand?”, and we’re not here to answer that question for you, but we can help you take it one step further once you’ve defined it.

Now, if your question is instead “what’s a personal brand?” then we can give you an answer to help you make yours. A personal brand is what defines an individual or community in the eyes of the world, it’s their personality, identity, logo, colors, gimmicks, and everything else that makes them unique so they can really stand out from the crowd.

If you don’t have a personal brand yet, our suggestion is you work on that first, because it’ll be a fundamental step to getting your own merch. I mean, what are you going to sell if you don’t have a brand to be actually printed on the gaming merch?

You can start by creating a logo that represents your identity as a gamer. Having a logo can help you produce your own visuals for your streaming channels, such as panels or banners -even offline banners-, and have a more cohesive brand online.

Now you may ask “Why do I need a Twitch panel? I want to make my merch!” Well, because having a cohesive brand with its specific brand colors, will help you create merch items that people see and immediately relate to you.