Create a Streaming and Posting Strategy

Create a Streaming and Posting Strategy


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to stream daily to stay on people’s radar. Instead, be smart about your streaming schedule so you don’t end up burned out and without any energy to keep going. A schedule will allow you to create a strategy that involves different types of posts on different platforms so that you’re active but not doing the same thing daily. A clear schedule will also allow your followers and subscribers to keep up with you because they’ll know what to expect on what days. Want some tips for streaming on YouTube and Twitch? Check out this post.

To establish your schedule, first decide when you’ll stream, when you’ll post video tutorials, when to post game reviews, etc. You may only post on YouTube a couple of times a week, do a live stream once a week, and post short vlog type videos to your Instagram Stories daily. Whatever it is you decide, just having a set schedule will help you get into a rhythm that is easier to manage. It also makes it easier to measure what’s working and what isn’t so you can keep on the right path.

Build Your Audience
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Building a strong audience may be easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. To be an influencer, an audience is a must. Followers and subscribers are just the foundation, but they’ll also need to be real people who listen to you and care about your opinions. A high follower count doesn’t mean anything if they don’t interact and engage with you, so look for ways to encourage these types of interactions.

The easiest way to make this happen is by paying attention to your stats and analytics. Start by making note of your subscriber count and views now so that once you make changes to your profile or schedule you’ll be able to detect changes. It’s also important that you identify what types of posts and videos lead to more views and more subscribers so that you can replicate these and do more of this. Likewise, take note of what leads to the lowest views and interactions and consider removing these types of posts from your schedule.

To make this all even easier, look for tools that give you these insights. For example, Twitch Tracker can help you track your channel’s performance overall as well as what’s popular and trending on the platform. Remember, the more followers you have the more interesting you’ll be for gaming brands who are looking for influencers with real power over their audience.