Tips To Start A Gaming Blog Today

Tips To Start A Gaming Blog Today


How to start a gaming blog and become a video game blogger – The Ultimate Guide!

Have you ever tried to start a gaming blog before, writing a gazillion articles, trying to stay up to date with all the gaming news and at the end of the day when you go to Google Analytics you see only traces of your own visits?

Don’t feel bad!!!

It’s happening to a lot of people out there believe me, because I was also one of them! It’s the fastest way reality slap you in the face and you give up because you start to think it’s impossible.

How can no one like my awesome blog and fail so spectacularly?

The problem is that it’s easy to start a gaming blog, buying a domain, create a website that looks cool, write a few articles to start off with and promote it on your social media accounts.

Although all of that is definitely important, I will cover it later in the post.

The hard part is to actually create high quality content and keep it going consistently, building an audience/readership and establishing your blog’s brand.

So I went to Google and searched…. And searched …. And searched, but there were no real article or blog that could explain in detail how to start a gaming blog that would actually work.

The only results that come up in Google when you search “how to create a gaming blog” is explaining the process in a very broad sense without any details on how actually to create your gaming blog.

So I decided to dedicate my time to create the most comprehensive Series on how to start a gaming blog from scratch, step by step.