Superb Ideas to Make Your Gaming Experience Better

Superb Ideas to Make Your Gaming Experience Better


If you have purchased a new Windows laptop and are looking to explore some setup tips, you are in the right place. Setting up your laptop is not a huge deal, but optimizing it for gaming requires several tweaks. You need to set up your computer in such a way that it offers the best gaming experience ever.

This article will give you in-depth information on making your computer gaming-ready. So, have a quick look at the points given below.

Set Macros and Hotkeys
Having a shortcut or two that you can set up on the computer itself and in different video game settings is one of the things to consider.

For instance, some games run better in full-screen mode, whereas others are better in the windowed mode. Having a full screen shortcut ready let’s you change the modes and test different variations for more optimal overall performance.

Adjust the ‘Update’ Options
Your laptop can shut down all of a sudden in the case it begins to download and apply the latest updates. This is simply irritating, especially when you are playing your favorite game. Therefore, in order to avoid this immediate shutdown of your laptop, it is advised that you adjust the Update option of your computer in such a way that it does not start downloading the latest updates and applying them automatically.

To do so, you need to open the Update & Security menu, press down Windows + Q keys, and type in updates. Next, choose the Windows Update option. There is an option to change the Active Hours so that any Windows updates are carried on outside those hours.

Alternatively, click on Advanced Options and choose Pause Updates so that updates are not applied automatically.

Update Outdated GPU Drivers

Windows laptops are shipped with a set of factory settings that takes their place when you boot the device for the first time. The graphic processing unit in your computer comes with standard drivers that you should update as the chances of them becoming outdated are fair. 

You need to update the GPU drivers as the first few things to tweak your device for gaming. The reason is that if you play a game without updating the drivers, the GPU will not give the expected performance, and its productivity is much lower than it should be. 

Check if you have AMD or NVidia graphics installed on your computer. Visit the manufacturer’s website and update graphics online.